About Us

Established in 1972, the Pembrokeshire Craftsmen's Circle is a select group of craftsmen and women from Pembrokeshire and its borders, producing high quality contemporary handmade crafts.

The Circle organises selling exhibitions of its members work, details of which can be found in this site. Many of the members also have their own workshops which are open either to the public or by appointment, details of these can be found from the members section. Detail of this year's exhibitions can be found in the exhibitions section.

We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2012. To mark this milestone we asked the National Poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke to write us a poem, shown below, we think it is lovely.


Her loom's a harp of silence
till the shuttle sings through the warp, weft
of a bird in flight, an arrow-shaft.
Tones of indigo and wheat, the song and dance
that made this little piece here on my wall –
a field, some sheep made simple, beautiful.

And this stick chair,
its ash under my fingers, and there
his hand and tool-marks on the timber,
pierced holes wedged with ebony. The seat of elm
remembers cloudy-headed trees, and lumber
of dead elms fallen.

This graceful chestnut bowl;
that crock of clay so delicate
it could be mother-of-pearl,
translucent where hands refined it
for the light to sing
fine as an insect's wing.


Praise things that bear the maker's fingerprint,
as counter to machined precision's measure
as trees shaped by the fingers of the wind.
And there's the pleasure.

Gillian Clarke

PCC exhibitors in 2012
Circle Members at our 2012 Music Festival Exhibition.